You Boasted, Now Gimme Your House !!

Xin Liangkun, 53, of Dalian city, created an unique five layered ball in 10 years. He created the ball such that each of the five balls can turn inside without touching the others. In a television documentary he claimed that no one could reproduce the ball.

boasted no one can recreate

“This ball was my first piece, and only I understand how it was made,” he told a television documentary. “If anyone can reproduce it, I’l give him my three-storey building, and the collections within it.”


But young porcelain amateur from Luoyang city, Sun Zheng, created the exact same thing in six month.


Promise is promise but it was not easy for Xin to hand over his home and his prized porcelain collecion. He tried to prove that the replica wasn’t similar to the one he created but unsucessfully.

A court ruled that Xin’s TV pledge has the same validity as a signed contract, and must be fulfilled.

If Xin does not appeal within 15 days he will lose his £100,000 three-storey home and his prized porcelain collection.(ananova)

17 thoughts on “You Boasted, Now Gimme Your House !!

  1. You guys all have no souls, i hope your house burns down and your in it. he may be cocky but you all can go suck one

  2. Hey he wasn’t being cocky.. I’m sure he invested a lot of time into it and was just extremely proud of it, as I would be. I feel sorry for the poor guy losing his -house-!

  3. Thanks all for the comments.

    He can still appeal within 15 days and I hope he wins. Losing everything for being too proud of oneself does not sound nice.
    He sure did learn a great lesson; the hard way.

  4. I’m sure it falls into a “false advertising” type of category. I can see how something similar could happen in the USA.

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