23-years-old woman turned in to an old lady in a few days

Can you believe, the following photo features a woman in her twenties?

Even if you take it for granted, you won’t believe that she used to be a beautiful young lady a few days before she started aging all of a sudden.

In a mysterious incident in 2008, a 23 year-old beauty had turned into a old lady — looking as if she is more than 50/60 years old. The 23-year-old Vietnamese woman, named Nguyen Thi Phuong, found her face wrinkled and look like that of a 50/60 year old woman after an allergic reaction to seafood.

A beautiful 21-year-old Phuong married to her carpenter husband Nguyen Thanh Tuyen in 2006. 33-year-old Nguyen says that his love to his wife, Phuong, hasn’t diminished in spite of her looks at the current age of 26 years.



Phuong says that she had itching all over her body in 2008 . She started taking medicine to cure the itching from a local pharmacy as she couldn’t afford to go to the hospital. After some time, the itching disappeared but wrinkles on skin all over her body started to appear.

The doctors and scientists are puzzled by the incident and haven’t come up with a palatable explanation yet.