Crossword Puzzle: proposal solved!

xw9802How do you propose your boyfriend or a girlfriend? Not in a crossword puzzle I guess.

But this crossword puzzle fan’s marriage proposal was written in a puzzle titled “Popping the question” in the latest issue of in a The Boston Globe Sunday magazine. Egmont, 29, of Cambridge, persuaded the magazine this summer to write the special puzzle for him.

Aric Egmont and Jennie Bass were working on a puzzle titled “Popping the question” in the latest issue of The Boston Globe Sunday magazine. Bass spotted her sister’s name and her best friend’s name, but initially thought it was just a coincidence. Then they got to 111 across: “Generic proposal” (Jen + Aric generic). The answer: “Will you marry me?”

“We get to the `Will you marry me?’ clue, and I said, `Will you marry me, Jenny?’ I got up, got the ring, and got down on one knee and she screamed, and hugged me. It took her a minute to say yes,” Egmont told the Globe.

Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, who have been writing Globe magazine crossword puzzles for years designed the puzzle that would be clear to the happy couple, but not obscure to all the other readers who do the puzzles.

Got the news from cbs news. The puzzle of hearth shape is another puzzle I found in clcoc (not the one in The Boston Globe).