Music Key Characteristics – Emotions

Flat note is denoted by “b” and a sharp note is denoted by “#”.

C MAJOR : Innocently Happy
C MINOR : Innocently Sad, Love-Sick
C# MINOR : Despair, Wailing, Weeping
Db MAJOR : Grief, Depressive
D MAJOR : Triumphant, Victorious War-Cries
D MINOR : Serious, Pious, Ruminating
D# MINOR : Deep Distress, Existential Angst
Eb MAJOR : Cruel, Hard, Yet Full of Devotion
E MAJOR : Quarrelsome, Boisterous, Incomplete Pleasure
E MINOR : Effeminate, Amorous, Restless
F MAJOR : Furious, Quick-Tempered, Passing Regret
F MINOR : Obscure, Plaintive, Funereal
F# MAJOR : Conquering Difficulties, Sighs of Relief
F# MINOR : Gloomy, Passionate Resentment
G MAJOR : Serious, Magnificent, Fantasy
G MINOR : Discontent, Uneasiness
Ab MAJOR : Death, Eternity, Judgement
Ab MINOR : Grumbling, Moaning, Wailing
A MAJOR : Joyful, Pastoral, Declaration of Love
A MINOR : Tender, Plaintive, Pious
Bb MAJOR : Joyful, Quaint, Cheerful
Bb MINOR : Terrible, the Night, Mocking
B MAJOR : Harsh, Strong, Wild, Rage
B MINOR : Solitary, Melancholic, Patience

A detailed Characteristics & Emotions of Musical Keys:

C MAJOR : Purely happy. Kids songs, simple and naivety. No burden at all, full of imagination, religious and powerful resolve.

C MINOR : Purely and innocently sad, declarations of love and grief and sorrow of lost love or unhappy relationships. Full of longing a soul searching and so on.

C# MINOR: Full of despair, weeping and wailing. That is a passionate expression of deep grief and sorrow. Self-punishment and complex. Conversation with the God.

Db MAJOR : Very sad, huge grief and fighting back the tears. Despair, pure sadness.

D MAJOR : Rejoicing and triumphant, war victorious, screaming hallelujah’s. God praises, holiday songs, war marches, winning teams.

D MINOR : Melancholy and feminine are some of the characteristics of D Minor. Serious and Pious.

D# MINOR – Deep and dark distress and dperession. Fear of dark night, hesitation, shuddering, and goose bumps can be expressed in this key. This is the language of ghosts.

EB MAJOR: Truth, honesty, love, devotion, intimacy and openness. Prayers.

E MAJOR : Noise, joy, sorrow, ready to fight.

E MINOR: restlessness, grief, mourning. Like a princess locked in a tower longing for her rescuer and future lover.

F MAJOR : very angry but composed and sociable still. Religious sentiment.

F MINOR: Deep depression, loss, misery, groans, melancholy to the extreme.

F# MAJOR : Win at the end, overcoming difficulties and hurdles. Final victory, clear thoughts.

F# MINOR : A lot of sadness – tearing the hair, crying but capable of fighting the feeling.

G MAJOR : Gentle, peaceful, poetic, lyrical, calm and satisfied. Friendship, faith, gratitude and tender love.

G MINOR : Struggle, dislike and failed plans. Teeth gnashing and worrying of the future.

AB MAJOR : Dark cosmos and existence of ghosts, goblins, graveyards, haunting.

AB MINOR : Life-Long struggles, suffocation, Negative look at the life, future and the struggle.

A MAJOR : Innocent Love, optimistic and vulnerable. Youthful cheer, trust in spirit and the God.

A MINOR : Sooting and womanly, graceful and caring.

BB MAJOR : Optimistic and in control with love, clear conscience and interest for a better future.

BB MINOR : Give up – believe in the darkest side, turning away from life and the world. Pessimism, surly, blasphemous.

B MAJOR : Full of negative energy, fury, despair, angry, jealous, fury, ready to fight.

B MINOR : Patience, vulnerability and high hopes. Surrender to fate, destiny, and karma.