Geekiest Tattoo on the Neck


Well, does the tattoo in left sound familiar ?

What do you think: Is he obsessed with tattoos or web designing!

Computer language and computer are the fastest changing subjects in the world. It still feel like yesterday that I was amazed on learning what an internet was. HTML is computer language to talk between client’s computer and internet server. Who knows , HTML might be replaced by some other language and won’t be there tomorrow. But tattoo in other hand is engraved forever. (I wish the photo in left side is not real tattoo but a photoshoped photograph!)

Let’s expect tattoo removal thing will be even more easier thing by then.

Well, here are other funny tattoos… I can go on posting huge number of tattoo symbols on different parts of body and different subjects. But let me post some I like. Here are some bar codes on head and hand.

bar-code-tattoo 2


One more geek tattoo to finish with …

r apple

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