The Art of Sending Flowers

Understanding the meanings of common kinds of flowers is very important when you send flowers to someone, because human beings perceive flowers with different feelings and implications.

Type of flower signify the feeling you express to the receiver. Roses are often interpreted as signifying passionate love and deep friendship. Lotuses, peonies and lilies are considered symbols of courtesy, tenderness and loyalty. Orchids means noble beauty and maturity while sunflowers mean youth, eagerness and a promising future.

Knowing what type of flowers the receiver likes helps in choosing the type of flowers one can send. Best flower for newly married couple might be red roses and peonies, to wish them love and a happy marriage. The best suited flowers for a bride are lilies, orchids and roses.

Age also plays important role in deciding the type of flowers to send. In birthday parties, for a youngster, roses and ivies will suit her best. However, for middle-aged people, orchids can be chosen and for elderly people small pot plants might suit best. When visiting your friend’s house for a New Year occasion, you should bring flowers with the meaning of luck such as daffodils or primroses.

Sending flowers to sick people is also very popular but requires more caution. You can send them flowers, which have delicate scents, such as roses or lilies. You should avoid flowers or plants, which may cause allergy or have a strong smell.

Colours have many special meanings as well. Red means eagerness; white means pure and innocence; yellow means wealth, green means youth, sky blue means peace and violet means nobleness.


In some countries, apart from type of flower and color, the number of flowers also matters. Chinese people always send flowers in even numbers and when seeing off a female friend, they never send her a sole flower. In Germany, you shouldn’t send your friend’s wife a red rose and in France, they usually don’t give daisies to their friends because they think daisies mean grief. Besides, in some western countries, they never send 13 or 15 flowers because they think that means bad luck.

I hope this short guide will be helpful in deciding the type, color, and numbers of flowers to send to your loved ones.

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