What is your National Flower – 9 (H)

Holland (The Netherlands) – There is no official national flower of Holland. But Tulip (Tulipa) is often considered flower of national importance. Tulip bulbs are also used as substitute for onions in cooking.


Honduras – Orchid (Brassavola digbiana)    

During 1946-1969 rose used to be the National flower of Honduras but due to the fact that rose is not native to the country it was replaced by Orchid in 1969.


Hong Kong – Orchid (Bauhinia Blakeana)    

hongkong national flower 

The five petal deep purple flower is native to Hong Kong and is featured on the National Flag too.

hongkong flag 

Hungary – Don’t know for sure, but it might be tulip (Tulipa) as mentioned in some websites.