What is your National Flower – 2

The Bahamas

The national flower of The Bahamas is the Yellow Elder (Tecoma stans)
The flowers have an odd but pleasing fragrance and also provide nectar for bees. The Indians made bows from its wood, and in Mexico a beer was prepared from its roots; it has also been used for a variety of medicines. Also known as: Yellow Bells, Hardy Yellow Trumpet, Trumpet-flower, Yellow Elder.

Trumpet Flower -Yellow Elder by kasav.


The national flower of Belize is the Black Orchid (Prosthechea cochleata)

Anacheilium cochleatum by van swearingen.


Bolivia gets two of everything, because the east and the west never get along. Bolivian national flowers are cantuta (Catua buxifolia) and patujú (Heliconia rostrata).


Cantua buxifolia by Eric in SF.


Patuju by maartenzam.


Tabebuia alba flower (Tecoma alba)

Ipê-branco (Tabebuia roseo alba) 09-10-07 026 by Flávio Cruvinel Brandão.


The national flower and national emblem of Bangladesh is the shapla (Nymphaea nouchali)

National Flower of Bangladesh by ¡*ProbashKantha*!, Bangla e-news from Spain.


Bhutan – Blue poppy (Meconopsis grandis)

Meconopsis grandis by ngawangchodron.


Brunei – Simpor (Dillenia suffruticosa)

Simpor Brunei by tfalanh.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Lilium bosniacum

0102 Lilium bosniacum by Damir Smoljan.



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