Seniors told to play Video Games

gamesGames are for kids! That was what I am told and you are not supposed to stick to a GameBoy when you grow-up.

But hey, Malaysian Health Ministry Secretary Datuk Lee Kah Choon looks like he enjoys video games himself (I hope he is a grown man) and he is paving his way in playing video games without being reticulated upon. He has advised senior citizens to take up video games as a way to help fend off Alzheimer’s disease.

“Senior citizens should engage in mental activities,” he said. “A good way is to use the PS3 [PlayStation3] or play other computer or video games, as it would help to keep them alert.”

When senior citizens start playing games and don’t move off their chairs, it would surely be a relief for caregivers too.

I do believe keeping them alert and engage in mental activities sounds great but don’t they need a bit of exercise too. I hope somebody will create some games for the senior citizens that involves physical as well as mental activities so they can remain healthy for long time. (news: source)

May be someday somebody will tell Barney theme song mp3 will help seniors to tune up their mental health too!