Funny and Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables Arts

I posted watermelon art in my previous post. Let me add some more funny and interesting fruit and vegetable arts.



History of fruit and vegetable carving and more funny arts in next page.

00kiwis4Xiang Wang explains the history of the art:

The exquisite craft of fruit and vegetable carving developed very slowly, constantly adapting to the prosperity of the population. At the time of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-906) and the Sung Dynasty (AD 960-1279) the garnishing of food was already widespread in China. Splendid fruit decorations or pastry models of animals and humans were not only created for the Kaiser’s feudal banquets; indeed, this art was also practiced amongst the middle classes.

0onionAccording to Pam Manneeratana:

The Thai Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving is a valuable heritage of Thailand and one of its oldest art forms. It was originated in 1364 when Nang Nopamas decorated the floating lamp for the Royal Festival celebrated on the night of the full moon of the 12th month of every year. She carved fruits and vegetables in a variety of flowers which were used to decorate the floating lamp, making It look like a huge water lily flower. When the King Phra Ruang saw what she had created, he appreciated this new innovation and decreed that it would be an art heritage of Thailand and should be taught to all Thai ladies. This knowledge has been passed on through generations only in person and to loved ones, especially in the Royal Palace.












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19 thoughts on “Funny and Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables Arts

  1. I am a freelance artist working with children from age 2-15 years and was browsing the net for a creative way to introduce healthy eating to the children when I came across the images on your site. I would like to say they are fantastic and would like to know if I could use copies of the images to use in my next workshop. Once again an excellent site and some fantastic creatice images.

  2. Rose and Rebecca,
    I have borrowed many for them from other sites. Links are given in the post itself.
    I believe, using them for non-commercial and education will not be a problem.

  3. hi everyone,
    i like funny vegtable and fruits face i love see it like art face.

    clifton frederick ( U.S.A)

  4. I was wondering if we could use one of your pictures for a product we are coming to market with. I work with Humanitrian groups to help them have access to safe water. One of our products is a vegetable wash/food preservative and I think it would make a fantastic label … Part of the proceeds go to Humanitarian groups on everything we sell.

    My my space page is:

    I think your work is fantastic and would be a real eye stopper.

    Please let me know A.S.A.P.

    I thank you in advance.

    Tom Smokov

  5. Hello, i am doing my school GCSE project,for 5-a-day and i am asking if you can give me permission to use your pictures for my project.

    please and thank you

  6. I am a therapist and esp love the book on Feelings. Are any of these around in poster size. I would love to frame some in my office for the kids (and adults) I see.

  7. The “Tomato Mum” and her innocent “Tomato Infant” are justly adorable. Whether this art was initiated in China or that Thai woman innovated this , this art is great and modern artists are producing unbelievable carvings.

  8. I'm teaching a group of 10-11 year old girls about healthy eating and was wondering if you have instructions and are willing to share them. Thanks Kelanih says:

    Would you be willing to share your instructions on how to make these adorable faces and animals. I will be using them to teach 10-11 year old girls about healthy eating.

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