BC Government to provide free crack mouthpieces

crack-pipesAfter syringes, alcohol swabs and water vials freely distributed by the B.C. government to drug users, now it is time for the distribution of crack-pipe mouthpieces.

The full news can be read here: The Province. But, it was more interesting to read the comments people have posted in response to the news.

Here are some of the comments:

WHAT?? So you’re telling me that my sister, who is a Diabetic has to PAY for her needles and equipment but the crack-addicts get free supplies?? There is something definately wrong there!! She has a disease that is life threatening and not caused by anything she’s done to herself, yet those who chose a drug lifestyle get sick and the they go into panic. She’s paying to stay alive, these other people obviously don’t care what happens to them. So I guess the government is taking on the ‘if you can’t beat em’, join em’ attitude now? Heck, lets just start giving out free razor blades, poison and a noose so people can commit suicide. That’s all it is. Now we’re condoning a life threatening drug addiction to attempt to prevent an illness they’re getting from it? Here’s an idea, how about using this program to actually catch these people who have illegal drugs?

…an addict will not wait for a free mouth piece when they need their fix..

… Maybe then you will be slightly more open to non-American style approaches to this huge problem…

… Crazy idea- to the nth degree …

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