$25 a cup, ‘cat poop coffee’ available in Calgary

poop-coffeeThe Bean Stop in Eau Claire Market in Calgary has started serving Kopi Luwak – popularly known as ‘cat poop coffee’. The coffee is made from the beans that have passed through the digestive system of a small, tree-dweller, Asian palm civet, found in Thailand. The beans are retrieved from the waste of the animal to be made into coffee.

The ‘unusual, odd and unique’ product doesn’t come cheap. A single cup will sell for $25 and a 50 gram pack will be sold for $60. People have found the product appealing and have already pre-ordered 25 cups and 11 of the 50 gram tins in the Bean Stop.

If you think $25 is too much, you are wrong. An Australian coffee house has been selling the coffee for AUD50 since 2006. A London, UK, coffee shop is selling a variety named Caffe Raro for £50 since 2008. (Photo credits Wikipedia)