143-page love letter — to an imaginary lover

A bachelor, Harish Kondakkuli (30), of South India has written a 143-page long love letter. The problem is he is not in love so he had to write it to an imaginary lover to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

The letter, in Kannada (local language), begins with ‘Preethiya Abhisarika’ (Dear Abhisarika) and ends with ‘Mathe ninna nireeksheyalli kanasu marida huduga’ (Awaiting you…).

Harish, an employee of BSNL, claims he penned his ‘masterpiece’ in leisure to popularize letter writing. He started writing on Valentine’s Day this year and stopped on May 25.

“I used to write one or two pages daily after 7 pm. I am used to writing as I had written stories when I was in college and later wrote to several newspapers and magazines,’’ said Harish.

Since the common code word of lovers is 143 (I Love You), this love letter contains 143 pages, its length is 143 feet (papers are in 12X10 size). The total lines are 4,136 and total words 33,100.

Whether he enters Guinness or not, this eligible bachelor is hoping this love letter will find him a bride.

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  1. a great post I read a survey in a recent newspaper about “what women would like the most for valentines day” believe it or not it wasn’t flowers,chocolates ect, but a love “letter”
    this post certainly gives people some ideas of how to go about it

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