World asks – what did Zuckerburg do in 2010 to be named Time person of the year?

WikeLeaks founder Julian Assange with 382,026 public votes and average rating of 92 leads the Time magazine public poll. But, the winner is somebody else – ranking 10 in the list Mark Zuckerburg with rating of 52 with only 18,353 votes.

It was Julian Assange who shook the world with Iraq Apache helicopter attack, Guantanamo Bay  leaks, Scientology and Climate Reasearch e-mail leaks, and the world diplomacy earthquake – Cablegate. 2010 was the year when WikiLeaks had shocked the world. These releases have created ground-breaking impact in the world in 2010, and many think Assange is much deserving person in the list. Some argue, Facebook and Zuckerberg has done nothing in the year 2010 as most of the things are unchanged from the year 2009.

But, Time officials don’t think so. Many suspect Uncle Sam was acting behind the scene.

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