Will Facebook’s ‘Gmail Killer’ be @fb.com

fb.com Latest rumor in the tech world is that email with @facebook.com is going to be the next big thing in email communication. The email system coupled with Facebook’s popular photo and events programs can prove to be a serious rival to Google’s Gmail.

Rumor of a secret project, officially known as Project Titan, has been going around since February and it would not be a surprise on the release of the service also known as ‘Gmail killer’.

In another news, Facebook has acquired the domain fb.com. The domain registered to American Farm Bureau was sold to an undisclosed buyer in September. The whois query of fb.com shows that the domain was updated on 12-Nov-2010 and the name servers are located at facebook.com. It is likely that Facebook might use the domain for email or shortening urls in Facebook postings.

Recent Facebook-centric announcements from Google indicates something big cooking in Facebook camp that Google considers to be its direct competitor. Many anticipate Facebook to launch a Facebook search engine that priorities results around the known preferences of its user’s circle of friends. The Google’s attempt to curb brain-drain is also considered targeted more to Facebook then other companies. Latest announcement of Google to stop Facebook from accessing the Gmail contact list might also be a related matter.

Google also started a ‘Trap’ campaign against Facebook – asking users to register complaint against Facebook (see attached – part of ‘Trap my contact now’ screenshot).


Is Google diverting a bit too much attention to Facebook? Or, will the FB email ‘Gmail killer’ as rumored? Please comment.

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