WikiLeaks – US diplomatic cables released- major US bank documents to follow

wlWikiLeaks, a website notorious of leaking confidential and classified U.S. military and diplomatic documents, has  released new batch of US diplomatic cables on Sunday. It was told that WikiLeaks website was hit with a denial-of-service (dos) attack as it prepared to publicize the thousands of diplomatic cables.

On Sunday, Nov. 28, the website has released some of the more than 250,000 cables, which were given to the New York Times and other media groups for release. The documents exposed the inner workings of U.S. diplomacy, including candid and embarrassing assessments of various world leaders.


The cables date as old as 1966 and as new as the end of February 2010. They represent the confidential communications between 274 embassies throughout the world and the State Department in Washington DC. Out of the 250K cables, 15,652 are classified Secret. Attached graph is the part of the graph showing the total number of different types of cables related to their embassies.

Not all the huge number of cables are released yet. WikiLeaks will gradually release others in coming months. Even the ones released, studying them in details takes time. Out of some of the documents some interesting stuffs identified by various websites are:

  • US diplomats have been trying to steal the credit card numbers of top UN officials
  • Saudi Arabia was putting pressure on the US to attack Iran…
  • Iran has obtained advanced long-range missiles from North Korea
  • A glimpse into Libyan leader Qadhafi’s eccentricities
  • Gangsterish president of Chechnya – danced clumsily "with his gold-plated automatic stuck down the back of his jeans".

Going through some of the documents, it is clear that there are no "lives are at stake" with these leaks (as the US government tried to imply previously) but, more likely that reputations are at stake.

Before the recent release, WikiLeaks had made public nearly 500,000 classified U.S. documents on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Next target

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, in an interview with Forbes, told that the next major leaks will be secret documents related to major US banks. Assange added, his group has secret material on many businesses and governments, including Russia. He also told that they also have a collection of materials on pharmaceutical companies.

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