Wikileaks, Julian Assange, The United What of America?

Some say, Wikileaks has has changed the world.

Others say, if Wikileaks hadn’t happened, something else like that would have happened. It is the beginning of the evolution.

Thom Hartmann, host of The Big Picture, looks at what WikiLeaks has revealed to the world, and looks at whether Julian Assange is a new kind of revolutionary, reading quotes from Assange’s book, “The United What of America?”

Properties of a corporation as a nation state:

  • Suffrage (the right to vote) does not exist except for land holders (“share holders”) and even there voting power is in proportion to land ownership.
  • All executive power flows from a central committee. Female representation is almost unknown.
  • There is no division of powers. There is no forth estate. There are no juries and innocence is not presumed.
  • Failure to submit to any order can result in instant exile.
  • There is no freedom of speech. There is no right of association. Love is forbidden without state approval.
  • The economy is centrally planned.
  • There is pervasive surveillance of movement and electronic communication.
  • The society is heavily regulated and this regulation is enforced, to the degree many employees are told when, where and how many times a day they can go to the toilet.
  • There is almost no transparency and something like the FOIA is unimaginable.
  • The state has one party. Opposition groups (unions) are banned, surveilled or marginalized whenever and wherever possible.

The text from the 2007 article (source –

book- Julian Assange-The United What of America

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