When Birthday invitation in Facebook went viral and 1500 guest showed up in a canceled Birthday party

thessa-birthday-party A girl in Hamburg-Bramfeld, Germany invited her friends to her sixteenth birthday party by posting an event page in Facebook. But, she forget to make it accessible only to her friends.

The invitation was available for everybody to register. It soon went viral and more than 15,000 people confirmed to be present in the birthday party in their home.

When Thessa’s parents found out about it, they were worried and soon canceled the party in a haste, and they also informed the police about the incident. They even hired a private security service to control the crowd.

Despite the cancelation of the birthday party, some 1,500 guests showed up on Friday, June 3, 2011 in Thessa’s home and.  About 100 police officers were also present to control the crowd. Some guests had also brought presents and homemade cakes. Thessa however had fled her home for her safety.

The huge crowd in front of Thessa’s house asked Thessa to be present in the party. They chanted birthday wishes. The police had reported that eleven people were detained temporarily. One of  the police officers was injured and the firefighters had to extinguish two small fires.

Thessa later told that she quietly celebrated her birthday with her grandparents. (Photo source – AP)

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