Wedding – Facebook Status and Twitter post before the kiss


This is an old video… but, it is still funny and still relevant so I am sharing it with you guys.

This is a funny but real wedding representing the new social networking generation. The groom by the name "Locuester" in YouTube changes his relationship status in his Facebook account and wrote in his Twitter status before even kissing his bride. Although he didn’t tell his bride about his plan, he had her phone ready, to be handed over at that time to do the same.

He wrote:

I surprised not only my guests, but also Tracy by pulling out my phone and posting on Facebook and Twitter from the altar during out wedding. I had her phone ready in my pocket, so when she asked for it I could hand it to her. No one knew about this except the minister, and myself.

Here is the twitter status update:


Do you think making fun of the life’s best times was right?

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