Venezuela “almost” banned the odd names

When the electoral official of Venezuela found two Venezuelans with name “Superman” registered to vote, they decided that people are not capable of naming their children decently.

The National Electoral Council had proposed banning “names that expose (children) to ridicule, are extravagant or difficult to pronounce” or raise doubts about whether a child is a girl or a boy.(cbs news)

It also proposed to provide a list of valid traditional names for parents to choose from for their newborn. If it were passed naming a child would not be that much exciting!

Thanks god, after child protection official’s warning that it will people’s right of liberty, Venezuelan officials withdrew the proposal.

There was a news about a kid from New Zealand being named “Superman” when he was declined to be named “4real”. And one Chinese couple wanted to name their child very uniquely- “@” (source). I have no idea how I shall call the the Chinese guy if I ever met him. At, at the rate of, email, or mailman ?? :-

3 thoughts on “Venezuela “almost” banned the odd names

  1. When I was in high school, my French teacher told us how the French named their children. When your child was born, you were given a list of names, based on gender and your child’s birth date, to name your child from. They were mostly saints’names. I thought it was odd that you could be given a list and told you had to name your child from that list. But then again, my brother was born in the US at a Catholic hospital. When my mom got his birth certificate, his name had been switched around, putting the middle name first. The reply she received when she asked why that was done was “You can’t name him Joseph. You’re not Catholic.”

    Seems that no matter what, someone will attempt to keep people from naming their children what they want to.

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