US health costs, 20-years-old’s outrageous hospital bill goes viral

A 20-years-old man (Nic) was shocked when he received the bill of his appendicitis in October, 2013. Even after paying a majority of the cost through his father’s insurance, the guy had to pay $11,000 towards the cost. The original bill is $55,000 in which, Father’s insurance pays $44,000.

Appendicitis is comparatively a simple surgery and the bill price of $55,000 is outrageous. When the guy shared the hospital bill in internet, it went viral and lot of comments were posted on Reddit about it.

health bill usa 1

In a lot of countries, government pays the medical costs in hospital but, USA is the biggest exception.

Nic felt ripped-off when he had to pay $7,500 for a 2-hours-long stay in the recovery room.

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