Top 10 World Records of 2013

Adam Moore, Video Content Manager at Guinness World Records has selected these top 10 records made in 2013. Others might have a different choices but, they sure sound awesome records.

Top 10 World Records

gwr10. Austin Coulson: Smallest roadworthy car
9. Charles and Alli Trippy: Most consecutive daily personal video blogs posted on YouTube
8. Kenichi Ito: Fastest 100 m running on all fours
7. Steve Sansweet: Largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia
6. Marc Márquez : Youngest MotoGP world champion
5. Colonel Meow: Longest fur on a cat
4. Thunder Law: Longest basketball shot
3. Bob Dylan: Longest wait for a single’s official music video
2. Red Bull: Fastest Formula One Pit Stop
1. Fastest Entertainment Property to gross $1 Billion: Grand Theft Auto

Watch the video:


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