Top 10 national flags in the world

All the flags are great. Some flags might look great to one person and it might not be as great to another person. So, the top 10 list might be different for different people. The following list was prepared by from the votes from its readers.

The Top-10 flags in the world.

The Top 10 list:

  • Number 10 is South Korea flag
  • Number 9 is United States of America flag
  • Number 8 is South Africa flag
  • Number 7 is Bhutan flag
  • Number 6 is Mexico flag
  • Number 5 is Brazil flag
  • Number 4 is United Kingdom flag
  • Number 3 is Canada flag
  • Number 2 is Nepal flag
  • Number 1 flag is Albania flag

top 10 country flags in the world

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