Top 10 National Anthems in Rio Olympics, 2016

A BBC journalist Alex Marshall has selected the top 10 national anthems in Rio Olympic 2016. He writes, “Some of them have boring music and others are like pop songs.”

Watch a video report:

The Top 10 list goes like:

  1. Russia – The Russian Nationl anthem is one of the best.
  2. Myanmar – Starts with a traditional Burmes folk tune and suddenly lurches into a military march.
  3. Nepal – Nepal’s anthem is unusual. It sounds like a joyous Nepali pop song.
  4. Israel – National anthem with sadness in words and nostalgic music. It was written before the country existed and is filled with longing for a Jewish homeland, both in its words and its nostalgic music.
  5. Kazakstan – The national anthem of Kazakstan flag had gone through some blunders in past sports event. That was one of the reasons it was selected to be on the top 10 list.
  6. Brazil – The national anthem of Brazil has an interesting beat. The people enjoy listening to the national anthem.
  7. China – The Chinese national anthem was a popular song from a movie. The government later selected it to be the national anthem.
  8. Mauritania
  9. Democratic Republic of Congo
  10. Paraguay – The title of Paraguay national anthem “Republic or Death” had inspired the journalist and he wrote a book with that title.

top 10 national anthems in the world
Read the full BBC Article here.

Full National Anthems of the top 5 National anthems in the list

Russian National Anthem

Myanmar National Anthem

Nepal National Anthem

Israel National Anthem

Kazakhstan National Anthem

Brazil National Anthem

China National Anthem

Mauritania National Anthem

Democratic Republic of Congo National Anthem

Paraguay National Anthem

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