The uses of flowers

It’s flowers’ time, again. It has been some time since I wrote the last post dedicated to flower and National flowers.

flower_cardFlowers touch a person’s heart and brings peace and tranquility in a person. Literatures give flowers  a special treatment and are compared with women, beauty, love, and peace. A boutique on the table brings the room to life. Although the primary value of flowers are beauty and the fruits that follow them.

In modern times, people cultivate, buy, wear, or otherwise be around flowers because of their good appearance and pleasant smell. Around the world, the use flowers varies in a wide range of events and functions:

  • Flowers as gifts and decoration in new births or Christenings
  • A corsage or boutonniere worn in social functions or in holidays
  • Tokens of love or esteem
  • Wedding flowers for bridal parties and hall decoration
  • Home decoration and table-top decorations
  • Gift of remembrance for bon voyage parties, welcome home parties
  • Casual "thinking of you" gifts
  • Funeral flowers and sympathy for the grieving
  • Memorial ceremonies and paying homage to dead people
  • Worshiping Gods and Goddesses (Common in Hindu culture).

Apart from their uses in events and function, personal usages, they are also used in various business. The most common use might be selling the flower as a whole, but there are other industries that depend on flowers. Some of the industries that use flowers are:

  • Perfume manufacturing (large portion of perfume industry is replaced by chemically manufactured products).
  • Drugs (drugs arnica and cannabis)
  • Flowers as potted plants
  • Foods and flavors – Example – rose jam, vanilla, sunflower seeds and oil,

Uses of flowers beyond the pretty colors, fragrant bouquets and heavenly gardens. The fake and ornamental flower industry is also a huge business in itself. Apart from that, various other forms of businesses can be established based on flowers theme. Although anything can be be featured in flower design, some common businesses that use flower theme include (note: the link to the business card site is paid to be added here):

  • fake flowers, flower boutiques
  • flower shaped ornaments, dresses
  • flower design on clothes, buildings and arts
  • flower business cards
  • flower and gardening books and guides

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