The Machine is Us/ing Us : Web 2.0 Explained

This YouTube release titled “Web 2.0” in just under 5 minutes by Dr. Wesch, an anthropology professor at Kansas State University might look like a technical document but it is nice on how it is being presented. It is a beautifully produced history and explanation of the Internet and the implications for the future which can be considered both a piece of art and a scientific paper.

If your creative bugs are trying to get out in similar ways, information on how Dr. Wesch prepared this video might be of interest:

The video was created by me (Michael Wesch), working alone from my house in St. George, Kansas. I used CamStudio for the screen captures and Sony Vegas for the panning/cropping/zooming animations…

If you want to download the video in higher quality versions you can download them here:
Windows Media File (55 MB)
Quicktime File (96 MB)

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