Sexy in 60 minutes (Beauty Tips)

This was originally posted in 2007. I am revising it in current context with some videos to go with it.

Dressing up for an evening out is not hard. Irresistible party clothes complemented by simple make-up and hassle free hair is all you need to create an evening look. Ranju advises you to wear make-up that looks simple, feminine and, most importantly, realistic.


Make a fresh start :
Wash your face either by using a face wash or with clean water. Dab the face with tissue paper. Cover your face with a little moisturizer and wait for it to dry. Apply a councillor to hide spots and dark circles. Dot thin coats of concealer in the inner circle under the eye, around the lips and other dark skin area. The concealer should be one or two coats lighter than the foundation, otherwise the face will look heavy. And make sure you apply it only where needed.

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Choose a foundation to match your skin tone. Using the right foundation makes your skin look flawless and smooth. To achieve perfect precision one must blend well. Use an oil-free foundation, starting at the centre of your face, blend it carefully with a slightly damp sponge all over the face, especially the chin, around the nostrils and under the jaw-line. Foundation blended well on the jaw-line avoids demarcation lines. Set it with translucent or compact powder for a matte and refined finish.

Skin and Makeup:

accentuate eyes, making them look bigger and brighter. Use an eyeshadow that compliments the colour of your eyes. Apply eyeshadow right over the eyelid. Draw a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lid, close to the lashes. Use a soft tipped eye pencil over the line for a smudgy effect. Apply mascara in an upward and outward manner. To make your lashes look thicker, powder them before the first layer of mascara is dry. Then apply the second coat. For defined lashes use lash comb and curler.

Even the prettiest of make-up looks unfinished without blusher. It adds life and glow to every skin colour. Use powder blush or tinting powder. Dust the blusher right on the apple of your checks with a large brush patches, so blend it outwards with a big brush in semi-circular motions. Do not go close to the nose.

Useful tips:

Now on to your lips –
To give your lips a luscious look first draw the outline of your lips with a lip pencil. Line them with a neutral colour. Blend inward to prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick. Powder your lips after the first coat to prevent it from fading. Apply a second coat of lipstick. And finally use lip gloss on the centre of your lower lip to give that sexy pout look.

Lipstick tips

Hair –
always complete the make up first and then do the hairstyle. Your hair should have texture and shine without stiffness for an easy and sexy style. Avoid using hair spray. If you have long and straight hair it is best to leave them open. Wash your hair with a shampoo first and then use a good conditioner. Keep it for ten minutes and then wash it with cold water. Avoid back combing for long hair. When dry, brush it well in an outward direction using a soft brush.

We can try different hairstyles if you have short or mid length hair. If you have curly it to create an instant style. Do not wash your hair on the same day if you want to style them. For a sleeker looks, toss your hair completely back and make a neat low bun or tie a top knot. To create side strings take a few hair from each side, wet them and pin up. After ten minutes carefully remove the pin and let the strings loose. To make it last longer use little hairspray. Ass volume to your hair by using diffusers and drying systems that include dryers and rollers. Hair ornaments and accessories could be included to create a different look. Pamper yourself with them and make a pretty statement.

Hair tips:

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