Oldest US Postal worker retired at 95

I have seen people planning for the retirement on the first year of their jobs. And, this old gentleman was in no hurry to retire for the last 37 years of working as a mail handler.

oldest postal worker-retired finally.jpg

Chester Arthur Reed, the mail handler in US Postal Service, never took a sick leave from his work and has accured 3,856 hours of sick leave. Born in 1914 as a son of auto mechanic, worked in his dad’s auto shop in his youth. He joined Air Force in 1947 and retired from active service as a sergeant in 1972. The next year he started the Postal Service job.

Reed has been a U.S. Postal Service mail handler and forklift operator since he was hired in 1973, making $4 an hour. He hit the $25-an-hour ceiling about 10 years ago.

Reed revealed the secret of his long and healthy life – healthy diet of watermelon, alkaline water and an onion sandwich with mayo every day. He adds, “If everyone in the nation ate watermelons, they’d get rid of all the doctors.” (via yahoo)

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