Office 365 – Microsoft’s answer to Google Apps

logo-office-365 Microsoft has launched its web version of Office and e-mail to compete with Google’s similar offering, Google Apps.

Google Apps includes online word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation and costs $50 per year for business customer. Microsoft’s basic service will cost slightly more at $72 a year.

The new service will replace Microsoft’s previous similar offerings with various names like Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), Office Live Small Business, and Live@edu. The basic version of Office 365 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint for collaboration, Exchange for e-mail, and Lync for communications.

Microsoft Office is far much better in terms of what it can do but it’s Microsoft’s way to enter the field a bit late and offer the service slow. It took seconds to open Google’s Docs but Office 365 is taking ages to open. I know, it is a new service, still in Beta, and they should be changing stuffs and polishing things – but, I was never a fan of Microsoft websites when speed is concerned.

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