Odd names banned in New Zealand

In New Zealand has banned to name the newborns to be named Lucifer. In the similar manner, naming a child Messiah is also not allowed.

New Zealand’s Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages has rejected three different parent’s attempts to register newborns Lucifer. New Zealand

Lucifer It is told that, in the past two years, the registrar has denied more than a hundred names. Some of the rejected names include names with slashes (), asterisks (*), full stops (.) and names similar to different titles like – Bishop, Knight, Baron, Judge, General, Justice, King, Duke and Mr were also rejected.

The registrar had to formulate the new rule when there were protests in 2008 after approving the names like Violence and Number 16 Bus Shelter.

It is not only New Zealand that is trying to regulate it’s people to ban some names, the Dominican Republic, a judge proposed a ban on names that were either confusing or gave no indication of gender.

In Sweden, a court approved Google and Lego as baby names, but denied naming kids Superman, Elvis and Metallica.

Why don’t they get a pet instead ?

It might be fun for a while to name your child by an odd/stupid name. But, the child has to live her/his entire life with that stupid name. They have to go to the school with kids all set to make fun of such names, and there are thousands of people ready to judge the innocent kid by the stupidity of the name they possess. So, an advice to such parents – give your kids a simple – Michael or Jacob or Emma or Isabella type of names so that they feel at ease with their name. They should at least feel at ease everywhere from office, workplace, church, gym, family reunion, Christmas dinner, wedding, date or any other social outings.

If you want to name you kid a King or Queen or Xyz – why don’t you get a pet?

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