Microsoft overtaking Yahoo and Flickr Users

In response to the Microsoft’s wish to purchase Yahoo for $44.6bn, Yahoo and its other sites’ users express dissatisfaction. Most evident were the photographic presentation of users of Flickr.

Yahoo! seems like dead. The funeral will cost Microsoft 44.6$ bn. And seeing as I don’t want my photos on “Microsoft flickr”, maybe it’s time to move on to Google’s Picasa. Eoow! :-(((( View large I HATE MICRO$OFT

MS-Yahoo Stop

That was what Anthony Sigalas says. It is interesting to read user-created group on the site is called ‘Microsoft, keep your evil grubby hands off our Flickr.‘ too.

I won’t say anything about it but some of the images posted in the site are interesting enough:

MS-Yahoo Stop2

MS-Yahoo Stop3

MS-Yahoo Stop4

MS-Yahoo Stop5

MS-Yahoo Stop6

One thought on “Microsoft overtaking Yahoo and Flickr Users

  1. These are other creative pics in flickr

    Will Flickr be a winner?

    1. Flickr Home Edition: you can use is only during weekends, $199
    2. Flickr Business Edition: you can use it between 9sam and 5pm, $299
    3. Flickr Premium Edition: Home + you can add comments, $259
    4. Flickr Ultimate Edition: Premium + you can search, $399.

    And this is the photo pool….. You can browse a number of hate pix here :

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