Lizzie Velasquez – the world’s ugliest woman

We do talk a lot about the most beautiful woman or the sexiest women but, few would like to know about the ‘ugliest woman’. Lizzie Velasquez doesn’t have body fat or muscle tissue – making her a skin wrapped figure on skeleton.

If you think she doesn’t have to loose any fat – that’s not a real problem. The mysterious disease is still undiagnosed and the 23-year-old Lizzie is one of the only three known person with similar problems. She is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other.

Life sure isn’t fun with such a problems in such an young age. But, Lizzie is strong and determined to help others by motivating speech and suggestion. She has also written a book on herself.
lizie_stand_up to bullying_2012

Talking to Yahoo, Lizzie has the following New Year’s message for the year 2013:

Instead of making it a goal to lose weight or to grow your hair longer, whatever it is to make yourself physically better, people should look toward making not only their character better, but helping others.


Lizzie has her own website here. (Photos from the website)

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