Like, a name Israeli parents gave their Facebook generation kid

Inspired by Facebook, an Israeli couple have named their daughter ‘Like’. I guess, Like is much better sounding name for a girl. I hope she, will be most ‘liked’ girl in school.


There was an Egyptian dad who named his son Facebook to honor its contribution to the Egyptian revolution. I think, Like is a much better sounding name than Facebook.

The couple Lior and Vardit Adler were seeking for some unique name and were even considering some Chinese names. But, they finally decided to go with Like as the mother Vardit liked the sound of it.

Some comments people made on news about naming their kids with such ‘unique’ names:

Years ago, I named my son MicroSoft, and now he can’t get a date. Girls turn away when he introduces himself, (Hi I am micro soft).

I won’t be surprised if somebody names the kid ‘Reply’, ‘Comment’ or likes in future. (via Huffingtonpost)

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