Kinect for Xbox 360 from Microsoft might be an instant hit

New hands-free, camera-based game controller from Microsoft, Kinect, is amazing and it makes playing Xbox 360 video games feel like magic. You can wave your arms, move your body, punch, kick, and do all sorts of things in the virtual world.

Kinect is being launched worldwide starting with North America on November 4, 2010, followed by Europe on November 10, 2010, Australia and New Zealand and Singapore on November 18, 2010, and Japan on November 20, 2010.


Kinect was first announced on June 1, 2009 at E3 2009. It was code named “Project Natal” after a Brazilian city Natal. With an advertising budget of US$500 million for the launch of Kinect, and generally positive initial reviews, the device is sure to create a ripple in the gaming industry. Thanks to a lot of physical movements, one can expect the future video gamers be more athletic than the previous generation!

Microsoft might later support the Kinect technology in PCs via Microsoft’s upcoming version of PC operating system, Windows 8. I expect it to to be an amazing computing experience!

Here are some video demos from DSPgaming:

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