Kindle 3 – Amazon is not giving-up – releases August 27

kindle-3 With the announcement of latest Amazon Kindle, the largest online retailer, Amazon, conveys a message that it is pretty much in scene of electronic reading device. In spite of fears that iPad will take-over the e-reading platform, Kindle is selling like a hot cake, thanks to the recent price cuts.

Kindle – 3, the latest dedicated electronic reading device of Amazon, will be released on August 27th, 2010.

It is true that Amazon is afraid of iPad and such devices but it is still strong in terms of ebook inventory and market penetration.The Amazon online store has 10 times more books (630,000 vs 60,000) when compared to iTunes. The latest release is smaller, faster, last longer, and doesn’t cost much when compared to iPad.

Too bad, it doesn’t have the touch screen and color display. But it seems, bookworms think the feature is not in their priority list. At least, not yet!

Here are some of the new Kindle 3 features:

  • 21% smaller but, with same 6-inch screen
  • 15% lighter than previous model
  • Electronic-ink screen has 50% better contrast
  • 20% fast while turning pages, with improved fonts
  • 2X Battery life – up to one month (wireless off)
  • 2X storage 3,500 books
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Newly designed buttons and button layout
  • Improved PDF reader
  • Text-to-speech

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