It’s not easy to be told what to do – iPhone Antenna issue

i-told-you-so1 Apple CEO Steve Jobs is not used to being said what to do with his device.

When people started telling that his device was not good enough, he was outraged. He started telling how they need to hold the ‘magic device’. Consumer Reports was the one to blame for all these hassles. That was why he was ‘stunned and embarrassed’.

Some points to prove that he wasn’t at ease in the press meet:

  • Admitting "We’re not perfect” shouldn’t have been easy for Jobs. That is why he started his presentation by admitting the truth.
  • He was still in defensive mood – repeatedly calling out the press for blowing the problem out of proportion.
  • Saying and trying to prove, the antenna problem isn’t unique to Apple.

And yes, nobody cared! As long as they can get their hand on the $29 ‘bumper,’ for free!

Those, who heard of the the Apple engineers knowing about the problem beforehand, are asking, ‘Is Apple staffed with people afraid to tell the truth?’

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