Iridium razor from Zafirro costs $100K – world’s most expensive razor

The world’s most expensive razor can be yours if you can spend $100,000. The hefty price tag comes from sapphire blades and Iridium handle. Iridium is considered to be the strongest and the rarest metal found in earth.

The solid white sapphire blades in the razor is guaranteed to last a decade. For that 10 years, Zafirro will provide free servicing, professional cleaning and re-sharpening, if required. The blades are extremely sharp, hypoallergenic, and won’t have problem of oxidation and corrosion.
Zafirro, the manufacturer is planning to produce only 99 of those razors as the metal, iridium, is 10 times more rare than platinum. Iridium is primarily used in things like rocket engine, where durability is critical.

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