Illegal Flowers – Calgary resident asked to get rid of her garden

flowers_trouble Calgary city by-law officers have asked a 65-year old Calgary resident, Helen Amber, to remove all the wildflowers she has grown in her garden. The City official say that the wildflowers are a threats to local flora and should be removed to protect

The Alberta’s Weed Control Act mentions some plants (weeds) are prohibited to be planted in Alberta. Some flowers in Amber’s garden banned by the Weed Act are plants like Canada thistles, scentless chamomile, oxeye daisies and blue weeds.

Calary Sun says that Amber had received a 24-hour notice from the officials on Aug. 3 and she is protesting the decision of City officials.

It is true that thistles and other weeds are extremely difficult to control or kill – they spread faster than can be controlled. I think, Helen should should consider a green house to grow them, instead of fighting.

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