“I look exactly like your dad”

bradangelindA new research at Durham University UK on women’s behaviour shows that women who get on well with their fathers tend to marry men with similar facial characteristics. Those having difficult relationships with their fathers tend to choose men with very different looks.

Well, it seems a new love phrase for love-struck guys is brewing up – “I look exactly like your dad”. But be aware… you need to study past history of your girlfriend too. Only “Daddies’ Girls” look for men like their fathers!

I am sorry for those girls with fathers having unique face! You are bound to get a hard time finding your love.

facialmeasuresIf you don’t believe, click on the link to see some photos of well known “Daddies’ Girls” with their partner and fathers.

news link | Sciency Daily

2 thoughts on ““I look exactly like your dad”

  1. My husband and my dad might not look alike:


    but they have a lot of similar ways. not enough to be creepy, but enough to be noticeable. other than that, they are completely unalike.

  2. You look beautiful suni!
    Well, that was not me saying it was the result of research. But anyway they have similar interests.
    Thank you very much for liking the blog.

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