How often do you wash your jeans?

Do you wash you jeans often? A scientific test proved that, it is healthy to wear your jeans as long as you want, without washing.

In Edmonton, Canada, a guy didn’t wash a pair of skin-tight jeans for 15 months and it was just fine. He wanted to break in the denim so that the fabric would leave distinct wear lines following the contours of his body.


Josh Le, the University of Alberta student, on the 15th month of wearing the jeans, asked his textile professor to test it for bacteria. The result was very surprising. Although the result showed high volume of five different types of bacteria but none were harmful to the body. The high volume of bacteria was found in the crotch area.

Raw denim is usually not washed or treated with chemicals while manufacturing. Young people wear such tight jeans without washing to create stress points in the fabric. They say, when washed for the first time, they leave wear patterns as personal as a fingerprint.

The Human Ecology professor, Rachel McQueen, who tested the jeans bacteria count in the crotch of the jeans was 10,000 units per square centimeter, but they were the normal skin bacteria and did not include dangerous E. coli.

Le said wore the jeans well over 200 times during the experiment and sometimes it get very smelly. During its seventh month the odor became so bad that he threw it in the freezer. The jeans was pretty much odorless when it came out of the freezer.

What was more surprising was that a second test on the jeans after being washed and 13 days wearing – the result was pretty much the same. The bacteria found on the jeans don’t pose health risk for a healthy, strong young person.

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