Health benefits of banana

Banana is the world’s most popular fruit. In the USA, people eat more bananas than other popular fruits – apples and oranges combined.

Grown in tropical regions, it is believed that bananas came from a plant found in the Indo-Malaysian region. Banana is mentioned in literature as far back as the 6th century BC.  Banana tree is not a tree but a herb that can grow up to 25 ft. Its leaf are huge and can extend up to 9 feet. Technically, banana are berries that grown on the world’s largest perennial herb.

The fruit has high antioxidant levels. Having 15% of the daily recommended Vitamin C, banana helps body to heal from sick.

Dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates and vitamin make banana a great fruit for dieters.  Being easy to digest and less likely to cause allergic reactions, pureed banana is considered a great first solid food for babies.

When used as part of a low-fat balanced diet, the American Heart Association has also certified bananas as a heart-healthy food. Potassium in banana is essential for the overall health of heart and the nervous system. Potassium is also believed in helping lowering blood pressure.

banana yellow and green

Amino acid in banana is also known to help body to produce serotonin, a natural calming agent in the brain. The vitamin B6 in banana also regulates blood glucose levels, creating positive effect on mood. Vitamin B6 in banana helps in producing hemoglobin and it also helps in the immune system and antibody production.

Manganese in banana is a powerful antioxidant that helps in regulating blood sugar levels.

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