Google’s creepy Chrome OS might not survive a year

p-b-twitt Within a week of release of a dedicated laptop, Cr-48 Notebook, to feature a news operating system from Google, experts have started to predict its life. A former Google employee predicted it to be dead by as soon as next year. The Gmail creator Paul Buchheit, in his Twitter post said, "Prediction: ChromeOS will be killed next year (or "merged" with Android)". Buchheit had left Google for Facebook and then founded FriendFeed.

The testers of this new device have pointed out the lack of application to browse local files. But, Google’s philosophy behind the OS is that – everything is located in Google server and there is no local files at all. We have seen that in iPhone – we can’t browse the files in iOS devices.

In the current standard of computer operating system, Chrome OS can be considered creepy –

  • First time log-in, the OS tries to snap the user’s photo
  • You can’t browse the files in your pen drive
  • You have to log-in with Google account at start-up – does that qualify for being anti-competitive?
  • Once logged-in, you are logged in everything in Google from Search, Gmail to Google Docs
  • It is most unlikely – but, what happens if Google goes bankrupt? How will one log-in?
  • Will businesses want to store their data in Google server?

Thank god, there is an off-line mode. If not, internet outage would be more severe than power outage (you can at least use battery, for power outage).

Techcrunch notes that, the key architect of the Chrome OS project, Matthew Papakipos, left Google over the Summer — for a job at Facebook.

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