Google’s new car doesn’t have a driver

Google is expecting to enter into a new business – robotic car. The secret project was announced today after completion of 140,000 miles of test driving.


The self-driving cars "use video cameras, radar sensors, and a laser range finder" to drive along the traffic. Google’s data center is used to process the information gathered by the car and map details. 

Although the cars can drive by themselves, the robotic cars during the test drive have trained safety driver behind the wheel. The driver can take control of the vehicle in emergency situations. A software operator on the passenger seat monitor the driving software. The local police are also told about the test drive in advance.

Here is a video of the robotic car in action on the road. The video is unofficial and is recorded by a blogger, Robert Scoble. In one of the comments, Scoble says : “Wow, I didn’t realize this is a self-driving car. Explains why they didn’t like me filming it and why they braked so suddenly to avoid my camera.”

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