Google Instant – Where is my site ?

The much hyped Google Instant should be revolutionary technology in search. If it weren’t, Google wouldn’t have used it. Search is the bread-and-butter of Google so it should have considered every alternatives before introducing Google Instant. I am sure Google can’t take risks in its search business like it did with Google Buzz or Google Wave.

But, even after mulling over the facts I mentioned above, it didn’t work for my site When I typed "lorla" Google was confident that I will type more. It never thought there is something like

Then when typed a space to make a complete word "LORLA" then, it realized …. oh yes…. should be Hey, I typed "lorla" and there was no "s" at the end. Wasn’t that smart?

I can take that, at least is in the third and fourth place.

Then I wanted to test "lorla blog". As my site is a blog, it makes a sense that somebody might search it as lorla blog. The first letter ‘b’ and second letter ‘l’ didn’t see any connection with my site. After I typed the third letter… bingo! ‘’ is the first result. The result remained unchanged until I typed a space after the search term "Lorla blog". It is still "lorla blog" but the single space took away my site and displayed totally unrelated results!

The following video shows what I was telling:

I am very much unsure what to make out of the whole thing?

In Google Instant people would rarely go to the second page. When, searching the site name itself is not that reliable in my case, I can’t expect people to find my site in Google anymore.

Before I come to any conclusion, I would like to wait and see how other find themselves in this new technology.

no-lorla no-lorla-2

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