Google buying spree – acquires 32 companies in 16 months

google-eats-companies In the last sixteen months (since August 2009) the internet search giant, Google, has managed to acquire two companies in average totaling at least 32 companies (publicly announced). The second half of 2009 was the time when the economy was having its toll on business and, it was also the time when Google decided it to start the buying spree. According to a report from San Jose Mercury News daily, Google has spent over two billion dollars on small startups and larger established social networking, gaming, mobile advertising, travel, video, and music related companies.  It is speculated that the aggressive buying spree of Google could draw attention of antitrust watchdogs.

Most of the popular services in Google including Blogger, Google Maps, Android and YouTube were based on technology and manpower Google acquired by acquisitions. Google also prides itself in retaining two-thirds of the startup founders who joined Google through acquisitions.

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