Google blocks Facebook from Gmail contact list

Google-sign-board- It’s official, Google thinks, Facebook is a virtual black hole!

A black hole, is a star or planet that has shrunken such that it has an infinite mass and virtually nothing, even light, escapes its gravitational field. Google thinks the same holds true for Facebook because it can’t crawl the personal data held in the social network.

The fact that more an more people are embracing Facebook for their social presence (and, ignore Google’s Buzz!) is the biggest source of headache of the search giant these days. Facebook is challenging the biggest obsession of Google – hoarding every data in the world. When more than 500 million users lock their information in Facebook, Google is sure to get mad! After all, Google is the undisputed emperor of the internet, winning every battle with its ‘data might’.

Highlighting an intensifying rivalry with Facebook, Google Inc has started blocking Facebook from grabbing information about Google users’ social and professional contacts in Gmail.

Earlier, Google CEO Eric Schmidt had expressed Google’s interest in getting access to Facebook users’ contact lists.