Gail Posner dogs inherit $3m

Gail Posner, a daughter of a billionaire businessman who made headlines when she claimed to spend thousands of dollar a month on her dogs, has left $3m dollar and a Miami Mansion worth $8.3 million for the dogs.

When Gail Posner died at the age of 67 on March, apart from the dogs, bodyguards and housekeepers were also awarded a sum of $26 million and the right to live rent-free in the property while they cared for the animals, according to the will.

Gail’s son however, sees conspiracy behind the will and has already filed a lawsuit against it.

Bret Carr, Gail Posner’s filmmaker son has already filed a lawsuit against all medicos attending upon his mother. Bret Carr told the media that he believes his mother was drugged and tricked into writing her will so that they could take over her mom’s enormous amount of wealth. Gail Posner’s will is reminiscent of “Queen of Mean” Helmsley who had left a whooping sum of $12 million for her Maltese called “Trouble”.

The three Gail Posner dogs are:

  • Conchita, a Chihuahua,
  • April Maria, a Maltese, and
  • Lucia, a Yorkshite Terrier.

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