Facebook trademark violation by a young Egyptian dad ?

facebook-baby A little Egyptian baby girl was named name Facebook. The young Egyptian dad, Jamal Ibrahim, has decided to call his first daughter "Facebook" in recognition to it’s role in his country’s political revolution.

According to an Egyptian newspaper, Al-Ahram, the baby’s family and friends have gathered around the baby in support of the Egyptian revolution that was started on Facebook. After the the President resigned on 11 February, Egyptian people have hailed the role of Facebook it the uprising.

Some argue:

Nobody can deny that Facebook has became the symbol of freedom for Egypt. But, just because Facebook helped them in their revolution doesn’t mean people should give their child a stupid name.

Others support the name:

We can’t judge people by their action without knowing their social and cultural aspects. If the girl name is spelled "Fazbuk" or something like that, it will be a nice Arab name and won’t conflict with the social networking website.

About odd names, I wrote previously about Venezuela almost banning such names.

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