Facebook – all-in-one email and shutdown rumor

In an unexpected way, the internet was full of the rumor of the shutdown of Facebook on March 15. Facebook officials were quick to respond and tell that the rumor was started by sites seeking cheap publicity.

The rumor site weeklyworldnews.com wrote, Zuckerberg, in a statement said, "Facebook is completely excessive, I must end all this madness. All the pressure is now managing this company has ruined my life."

Texts, chat and email all in one @facebook.com  

Facebook has recently started its email service and is slowly opening the @facebook.com email address to it’s registered members.


This feature is invitation-only and only a selected few are invited to use the messaging system in Facebook.

MySpace layoff 50% of its staff

Once, MySpace used to be the largest social networking site. The scenerio has changed now and Facebook has taken over the position. Initially, Facebook grew at the expense of MySpace users. In a latest news, MySpace is going in the verge of collapse with laying-off more than 500 of its staff to cut cost.

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