Drink coffee to cut risk of type 2 diabetes, a Harvard study

According to a study conducted at Harvard, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes can be reduced by 11 percent if the coffee intake is increased by one and a half cup of coffee a day.

More than 3-cups a day coffee drinkers can be as much as 37 percent less likely to get type 2 diabetes.

The study also found that the coffee drinkers who cut their coffee intake by a cup a day were at a risk of 17 percent more risk of getting diabetes.

coffee consumption

Some think tea and coffee have similar effect to human health. But, the research research published in Diabetologia found that there is no link between tea drinking and type 2 diabetes.

The study conducted by the authors Dr Frank Hu and Dr Shilpa Bhupathiraju, of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard involved 124,000 men and women questioned every four years about their coffee consumption habits.

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